Monday, September 29, 2008


Report responsibly, Musa urges media


Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman yesterday expressed his gratitude to the mass media in Sabah for their continuous support to the State Government and its role in dispensing information about the Government’s policies as well as programmes. “It is because of the media that people, especially the grassroots, can get information as to what is happening around them and in the country,” he said before breaking fast with members from the print and electronic media here. Musa said the media also play a part in informing the Government and State leaders about the feelings as well grouses of the people, especially the grassroots, adding that it is a give and take situation between the Government and the media. According to him, both the Government and media have equally important roles to play in the development of the State. Musa said he has been all over the State, breaking fast with the leaders and the grassroots. “Those who attended the breaking of fast were not only Muslims but also from other races and religion. This reflects on how harmonious Sabahans are and the media should continue to show that there are no problems among the multiracial and religious people in the State,” he added. Musa also urged the media to be responsible and ethical when making their reports so as not to confuse the people and create uneasiness among them. During the event, Musa presented contributions to 20 single mothers and the Bureau Chiefs, Chief Editors and senior reporters from the various print and electronic media in the State.

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