Monday, September 22, 2008


Student saved from warden’s overly amorous advances


A private college student was rescued by her fellow students from their hostel warden’s overly amorous advances late Saturday night. The 18-year-old girl from Kanowit was with a female friend when they were detained by the warden upon arriving at their hostel at Jalan Pending around 11.3Opm. The 20-something warden, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, ordered the girl into his room, chased away the friend and locked the room. According to the victim, the warden expressed his feelings to her then became angry when she did not reciprocate positively. The friend, meanwhile, had sought the help of two male students who immediately rushed to the room and forced the door open. The warden had already taken off his shirt and was holding onto the girl’s hand. They demanded that he released her, but the warden went into a rage. He grabbed a parang in the room and went after the two male students, injuring the hand of one of them slightly. The courageous students eventually overpowered and pinned him down. Shortly after that, the police took him away for questioning. The victim, meanwhile, claimed the warden had several previous cases of misconduct, but was not fired. She said he is a relative of someone in the college’s management team.

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